Who We Are

The Reliable Power OEM Strategy

Reliable Power is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We bring our technology to market through partnerships with large solar system
manufacturers and installation companies that use standard or customized versions of our products.
We also have OEM relationships with other inverter manufacturers for which we provide custom versions of our products that enable them to broaden their product line by taking
the advantage of our manufacturing scale and unique, disruptive technology.

Our partners benefit from Reliable Power in two important ways: (1) access to our expertise in developing innovative power electronics products to get to market faster with more competitive products, and (2) access to our manufacturing expertise in conjunction with Flex, our contract manufacturer, to provide the most cost-effective production by leveraging high volume part procurement and manufacturing that is shared by our products.

Reliable Power’s partners can either sell under our TrueString™ brand, or private label our products, which can be standard, catalog units or customized solutions specific to the needs of a particular partner. We work with our partners to ensure that the value of the products and services we provide is captured
in the commercial terms of our relationship.

Marketing exclusively through our partners leaves us free to focus on our many strengths:

    • 1. An innovative, game-changing inverter platform
      • a. Access to our high speed, flexible inverter engine
      • b.Rule 21-SA compliant products at a competitive
  • 2. A tuned, high quality manufacturing infrastructure model run by our experts in supply chain management
    • a. Immediate access to Flex, our tier 1 manufacturing partner
    • b. Automotive grade manufacturing and quality processes along with stress testing procedures that meet or exceed ISO 9001 standards
  • 3. A product with disruptive technology that provides an immediate pathway to the rapidly expanding storage market
  • 4. An innovative technology development team with deep expertise in advanced power electronics hardware, firmware and software
  • 5. Our ability to capture additional value through:
    • a. Customizable products that can generate additional value through firmware changes alone
    • b. Higher power inverter systems comprised of standard inverter modules that provide reduced cost per watt resulting from high volume manufacturing
    • c. Inherently bi-directional inverter systems that provide immediate access to the rapidly emerging storage market

Reliable Power, Inc.

We design and develop award winning power electronics solutions for future power generation technologies. We have a successful track record of bringing leading-edge products to market with a systematic approach to reliability and user focused design.

Founded in 2009, Reliable Power draws on decades of industry experience in related technologies with a veteran team from a combination of test and measurement, automotive and renewable energy backgrounds. Reliable Power’s successful products include the award-winning TrueString solar inverter series and the recently introduced TrueString XL model, which incorporates both stand-alone and hybrid solar-plus-storage solutions.

Reliable Power’s successful growth and industry recognition is a result of our innovative business model. By exclusively focusing on strategic partnerships, we can concentrate on what we do best: developing innovative power engineering solutions using automotive manufacturing, quality and testing standards that are uniquely applicable to the extreme electrical and physical environments our products experience.

To learn more about our technology solutions and our OEM partnering strategy, please contact us below.