Reliable Power Acquires HiQ Solar Assets

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Acquisition of HiQ Solar, Inc. by Reliable Power, Inc.

Posted on: 1 July, 2020

Milpitas, California, July 1, 2020 -– Meritronics, Inc. a leading global provider of electronics
Manufacturing announces the assets based acquisition of HiQ Solar, Inc. on May 30, 2020.
No liabilities were assumed by Meritronics. There is NO warranty liability, NO free tech support,
NO data portal services
assumed by Meritronics or Reliable Power, Inc. We believe HiQ Solar
Inc. has shut down their operations after the sale, according to their investors.

HiQ Solar, Inc., of Sunnyvale, CA was founded in 2011, and produced high density commercial
grade power electronics with advanced technologies for solar and battery storage applications. HiQ
Solar’s fully sealed inverter was recognized by NREL Best Venture Awards 2014, Inter Solar
Award 2015 and Golbal Energy Cleanenergy 2016 Best Solar Product Innovator.

HiQ Solar assets will be held by a new subsidiary of Meritronics called Reliable Power, Inc.,
located in Santa Clara, CA. The business will focus on the following support goals:

  1. Fee based repair services for deployed HiQ products, with a 1 year warranty
  2. Sales of spare inventories for rapid maintenance
  3. Fee based Tech support for HiQ customers
  4. Fee based Improved data monitoring services via portal services
  5. Continue to refine & release new firmware and hardware enhancement & products
  6. Provide Original Design Manufacturing to customers looking for power electronics

Meritronics’ CEO Dior Wu noted; “The addition of HiQ Solar meets the criteria of our growth strategy
by providing further expansion of our power products for the renewable energy sector. Additionally,
we are proud of powering our electronics manufacturing with solar energy at our Santa Clara and
Milpitas factories with a unique Made-in-the-USA commercial solar inverter that easily deploys in
carports and rooftops. Most importantly, we are pleased to offer continued support of previous loyal
HiQ Solar customers, to protect their solar assets.”

About Meritronics, Inc.
Established 25 years ago, Meritronics is a U.S. based global EMS/ODM company providing
prototyping to production turnkey printed circuit board assembly, cable harness assembly, system
assembly services, and industrial computers with state-of-the-art factories in Santa Clara, Milpitas
California, Las Vegas, Taiwan and China.
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